Coming Soon!

A lot more is on the way... Stay tuned!

What’s more to come

 New tools are constantly in the works.
The below are a few we are working on now.

Exclusive 1/1 Collection

Exclusive 1/1 collection to be airdropped to MBB holders for engaging with the community and providing feedback and suggestions.

Monkey Baby Bluechips

Monkey Baby Bluechips! Earn Bluechips by using MBB products and redeem them for rewards or discounts. Our community provides so much value to us, we're excited to return the favor!

Monkey School Bus

Monkey School Bus! An awesome way to share and view your babies in an interactive school bus that lets you quickly create banner graphics to share across your social media channels. - the premier secondary market aggregator and collection sniper. Mint is live!

MBB Marketplace

The MBB marketplace will be our in-house marketplace to buy and sell MBB NFTs. The goal is to provide reduced fees for our holders all while ensuring that a portion of marketplace listing fees are returned to the MBB treasury.

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