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About the Launchpad

What is the Creator Launchpad?

We are so excited to share our upcoming NFT Creator Launchpad with the community! Initial features will include bot-proof white-listing, enhanced developer controls, ready-to-go minting websites, automatic rarity tools, and a platform to showcase your NFT collections!

While that is all exciting, it is just the beginning. What will really separate us from the pack is our customer service. We have a long history of delivering complex and highly technical solutions to clients all around the globe. We know that everyone hoping to launch an NFT project has varying levels of technical expertise and our WHITE GLOVE service will be like nothing the NFT space has seen before. We will enable builders from start to finish with everything they need to be successful.

Our launchpad will be a great reflection of this as we hope it will not only enable many artists and builders to launch on Solana, but also help the community by ensuring that access to these projects is as fair as can be!

Launchpad Process

Using The NFT Creator Launchpad is the best way to guarantee success for your new NFT collection

in progress

Creator provides images and .json data for their collection


MBB performs a quality assurance test to ensure that the collection is ready to launch


MBB will assist in uploading the collection to the Solana blockchain. This includes helping create white-list access permissions, the setup of your own unique minting website, automatically generated rarity tool, and the assistance in providing mint hash lists to the relevant exchanges to list your collection.

Ready to

Ready to Launch!

NFT Creator Launchpad Process

Launch Quickly & Seamlessly

We know everything about launching collections on Solana. We will work as fast as your team is willing to move to ensure the success of your project.



  • Meet Our Team
  • Collect Project Details
  • Plan, Scope & Quote Your Project



  • Deploy Smart Contract on Devnet
  • Minting Website Setup
  • Testing and Q&A



  • Our Team Will Walk You Through The Entire Mint
  • Full Technical Support
  • Five-Star Customer Service

Follow Through

Post Mint

  • Guidance & Listing Support For Marketplaces
  • Marketplace Introductions
  • Strategic Marketing Advice
  • Development Support

Key Features

It is our goal to help enable builders to join this 

Candy Machine Fork

The NFT Creator Launchpad uses a fork of the popular Solana candy machine platform. The fork enables creators to use true bot-proof white lists and also the ability to quickly limit the # of mints per wallet address.

Minting websites

The NFT Creator Launchpad will provide ready-to-go minting page templates/websites with custom branding, web3 authentication and smart contract integration already deployed.

Rarity sites

By using the NFT Creator Launchpad, creators will no longer have to rely on 3rd parties for their rarity rankings. The platform will automatically deploy custom rarity sites so teams can determine rankings of their collections.

Real Human Support

The NFT Creator Launchpad includes real human support powered by our Five-Star customer service team. The goal is to help creators overcome any challenges they may face when launching their new collections.

Launchpad Pricing

Custom quotes with minimal upfront costs & a fair revenue share model 
that incentivizes your project's success - initial mint & 
long term.

Fees paid to Solana Network for
smart contract deployment & for
Arweave image hosting.

*depending on project size

Encoded directly into the smart
contract - full service development &

10% of whatever royalties you want
to set (example 5% royalties = 4.5%
to your team, 0.5% to us)

  • Artwork You Provide
  • Smart ContractIncluded
  • Frontend SiteIncluded
  • Dedicated HostingIncluded
  • Strategic AdviceIncluded
  • Rarity Website Included
  • Marketplace IntrosIncluded
  • Technical SupportIncluded

** All fees are estimates and are related to the economics of your mint and discussed on a per project basis

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Be Prepared For Your Launch

Easy NFT Requirements

We've prepared a simple set of requirements & information needed for your launch. While these are not all required for your initial launch, it's always best to know what may be needed so you can prepare accordingly.

Special Benefits For

MBB Holders

MBB holders will be provided with exclusive benefits from all projects using the creator launchpad, including but not limited to: Priority access to minting white-lists, a reserve of NFT's from creators to be airdropped to top MBB holders, discounted pricing for holding an MBB, and much more.

MBB Holder Exclusive Benefits
  • An allocation of 25-50 white-list spots for MBB holders from each project that uses the NFT Creator LaunchPad (depending on collection size)
  • 2-5 NFT's to be donated to the MBB treasury from each project that uses the NFT Creator LaunchPad(depending on collection size)

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